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Share your voice with people who care.

The first free integrated Social Platform with many services and applications, developed with collaborative feedback.

Kaana has the solution

A new way of expressing oneself, freeing oneself without censorship in the presence of an uncertain future.Kaana provides people from all over the world an alternative to current social media platforms. A safe alternative that addresses the privacy concerns associated with current dystopian social networks. It is a new way to express yourself without censorship.

“The first integrated Social Platform”

Own your own data

Many networks use your data to make money by analysing your interactions and using this information to advertise things to you. Kaana doesn’t use your data for any purpose other than allowing you to connect and share with others.

You are the owner, not the product.

It’s happening more and more. Big companies like Google, Facebook and Apple are implementing major privacy policy changes in an effort to help users feel safe. However, none of these changes have shown any concrete evidence of improvements.

Our goal is to be a unique platform with the needs of the user in mind. We put our focus on users because people come first. People build communities, invest their time and energy and make the environment an enjoyable place for all.

People Helping People

Over time, the human race has evolved exponentially. Natural evolution combined with technology, wars, economic problems and viruses have greatly shaped our past and affected our future.

Although tragic, these events have served a positive purpose – they have made us stronger, more supportive of one another and generally more caring.

Kaana is here to help people connect, share and create something positive in their lives. Social networks are currently being used for political propaganda, commercial ads, pumping out fake news and selling personal data to the highest bidder.

These actions create a negative impact on users, but users have been conditioned to accept this behavior because they do not realize that without their support, the big companies would not exist.

Kaana. Where everyone is welcome.

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What they say

"I find it a very interesting project."

Haris Hlorou

"Every day better and more new features."

Joel Mòrist Botines

"I can schedule my publications in an instant."

Abigail Castro Flores

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