What is Kaana?

The first free integrated Social Platform with many services and applications, developed with collaborative feedback.

Mission Statement

Kaana adheres to the values of the open-source movement, and so its code is published, and it does not store user data. It aims to provide high quality and engaging interface as an open-source social network, rivaling the establishment of social networks, but fundamentally differing from them in essence. In this way, Kaana hopes to fulfill the desires of those users wishing to leave Facebook, Twitter, etc. due to legitimate privacy concerns as well as offering a positive example of establishing concrete, popular alternatives to dystopian social networks.

At present, it functions as its social network (with the potentiality to add many new features), and, in the interests of a natural transition, it also acts as an overall internet/social network aggregator. That means that users will still be able to follow others on current widely used social networks without compromising their privacy, all while benefiting from similar services on Kaana, but in a useful, open-source, and alternative way.

Among the applications it contains are:

The Social Network, Kaana’s main service, which integrates different services:

  • Circles allow users to organize people into groups or lists to share.
  • Interests, allows users to identify topics in which they might be interested in sharing with others. “Featured Interests” is also available, based on other topics worldwide that find it interesting. Interests help keep users posted on the latest updates on topics of interest to them.
  • Communities is a feature that lets you bring together real-world groups like your basketball teammates, classmates, or family members. Sharing things regularly with the same group of people, communities will be a quick and fun way to stay in touch more easily.
  • People allows users to organize contacts into groups to share, through various Kaana products and services. Although other users can see a list of people in the collection of circles, they cannot see the names of those circles. Privacy settings also allow users to hide users in their circles, as well as those who have them in their circle.
  • Explore, users see updates from people in their circles. The input box allows users to enter a status update or use icons to upload and share photos and videos. News can be filtered to show only specific circles messages.
  • Hashtags allow the use of words or phrases (No spaces) preceded by the # symbol that allows displaying related information.
  • Hey is a messaging application similar to Google Allo, Whatsapp, or Messenger, including your virtual assistant Kamiku via chat (In development).
  • News will help the user to find the last articles that most interest him.
  • Known People is an application that shows you all the information you ask about people you know or famous.
  • To publish content, the user does not have to write any code or install programs.

The founder and leading developer are Albert Isern Alvarez. Founded in 2012 by Albert at only 12 years of age, he wanted to contribute his grain of sand to improve this world, since the current platforms sell user’s data or include a lot of advertising.

The platform has been in beta mode for a while but now we would like to be able to expand the team and hire programmers to get the platform fully up and running in less than a year.

The current team needs to find programmers, translators, vision contributors, investors, internet security & cryptocurrency-ico experts—a non-profit platform whose funding is based on donations.

All the contributions will be destined to it.

Kaana is open source and its code is completely public on Gitlab, also consists of learning what you like/interest/does the user to tell you phrases, show you a feed, recommend content, etc…

It is possible to visit the platform kaana.io, it is functioning, but you may experience that many features do not work as they are still in development.

More information here: