Bringing Kaana to more countries

Kaana recently has launched in Greece and India, based on this progress, we are accelerating our international expansion plans.

Harsha Gopalakrishnan, representative in India.

And we would like to welcome to the team Harsha Gopalakrishnan, our new representative in India.

We plan to launch Kaana in multiple countries over the next six months to a year and are considering Japan, China, Germany, Morocco, Russia, and Brazil. In each country, we will be looking for editors and translators to ensure that the content is available in those countries.

User habits and content inventory vary by country, so we will work closely with country team members to adapt the experience and test ways to provide a valuable experience, while respecting uncensored content on the platform.

Innovation is essential to build a sustainable ecosystem.

We will continue to build new services and make global improvements to help enhance the platform.