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Over time, the human race has evolved exponentially. Natural evolution combined with technology, wars, economic problems, and viruses has dramatically shaped our past and affected our future.

Although tragic, these events have served a positive purpose – they have made us more robust, more supportive of one another, and generally more caring.

Kaana is here to help people connect, share, and create something positive in their lives. Social networks are currently used for political propaganda, commercial ads, pumping out fake news, and selling personal data to the highest bidder.

These actions create a negative impact on users. Still, users are always conditioned to accept this behavior because they do not realize that without their support, the big companies would not exist.

On the flip side, many users do enjoy a wide variety of entertainment and companionship. They can play games, chat, create local groups, sell or give away items they no longer need, organize social events, and help people in need.

Online platforms are beneficial in our everyday lives, but when we use these spaces, we have to feel free, safe, and as part of the big picture, and not like a product.

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