How we intend to improve the social economy and help the most vulnerable people.

Within the platform, there is a common fund that will go to the most vulnerable people, from help for food, lodging, and others. Not just any user will be able to access them; otherwise, it would be easy for people to take advantage of them. To use them, you will need to have a high enough karma for the platform to put its trust in you.

What is the Karma system, and how does it work? The Karma system is a function integrated into the platform that allows us to know how reliable a user is; this way, we avoid spam and scammers. To have a high Karma level, there are many ways to achieve it, from coming recommended by a friend, to contributing translations, content improvements, text revisions, among many others.

Besides, the pooling system will get the economy either from small commissions from Kaana Pay, donations, or other income from the platform that will be public in the transparency section.

We are here to help, not to sell the bike as many do. It is challenging to implement something like this, immensely when people trust more in a big company that tells them that they help the users and then sell their data, but still, people keep using it.

We hope to update you soon with more information about it. Stay tuned.