The Growing Trend of Cutting Back the Rights of Social Media

It’s happening more and more. Big companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple are implementing significant privacy policy changes to help users feel safe. However, none of these changes have shown any concrete evidence of improvements, as we can tell from cases such as Apple’s group video calls on iOS devices, Google Plus, and Cambridge Analytica.

Privacy concerns on the internet is a significant issue all the time. At this point, Kaana cannot guarantee that user privacy is not at risk of being exposed because we don’t have sufficient resources to provide greater security levels. However, when all of the necessary tools become available, we promise to do everything in our power to make every user feel safe and secure.

We are working closely with top developers to meet this obligation by:

  • Providing a page where you will have access to personal privacy settings.
  • Security alerts on your account.
  • Double verification with 2FA (multi-factor authentication).
  • Providing a page where you can keep an eye on how much of your personal information is exposed.

Security is a serious issue; that is why we are building a team of the best developers, security experts, and server administrators. If you are such an expert and want to collaborate with us and contribute to the community, let us know at

Everyone is welcome to participate in the development and improvement of this platform. If you don’t know how you can make a difference, you can always help with a donation to the project.

Our goal is to be a unique platform putting the needs of the people first. They are the ones who build communities, invest their time and energy, and make the place enjoyable.