Social Networking without the Smokescreen

We’re all connected. The idea was once philosophical – humans connected to the Earth in spirit. But it’s no longer an idea confined to stimulating spiritual talk – modern technology truly binds us. Globalization and digitization enable communities worldwide to connect, share ideas, and maintain meaningful relationships in mere seconds. That is the magic of social media, yet it carries limitations, fears, and uncertainties. 

How many times has it been that you’re casually strolling through your newsfeed only to see a recommended ad that matches what you’ve been seeking? Do you genuinely believe that it is merely a case of chance? There are millions of ads out there, but somehow the stars aligned, and the opportunistic ad found its way to you. Think again.  

The truth is, when signing up for a social media profile, most users ignore the fine print. As a result, we usually hand over the keys to our personal data, then passed along to big commercial companies. These companies track, study, and monitor each user’s actions and reactions, helping them personalize marketing ads for the best results. 

You might wonder, at this point, “how nice would it be to enjoy social media in an honest environment without the insidious mechanisms?” There are APIs out there that could provide you with the tools to build that perfect virtual world, but you’ll need the skill, and they’re going to cost a bomb. That’s why we decided to develop Kaana, a free social platform that creates a sustainable ecosystem for pure social networking experiences without agendas.