A New Look for Faircoin

Today, we’re introducing a new look for FairCoin including a new logo and color, as well as new integrations with the Kaana Platform and Kaana Pay. We’re also adding features which are coming in the next months. The new look reflects a shift to the future of money – a more dynamic, simple and integrated way to use money with your favorite people, on your favorite apps and devices.

FairCoin new textual logo

For the new FairCoin identity, we have chosen the color blue that transmits simplicity and elegance.

FairCoin symbol and Logo

Kaana is not a conventional company. Our mission—to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful—continues to evolve.

We have decided to replace the simple F with a ⊜ symbol that will convey fairness and circular economy.

Moreover the new logo is also a symbol that can be used from the keyboard so it will be possible to send messages or write texts with it (Example: Hello Albert, I will send you 50⊜).

The older logo was very similar to other coins in the market, the color was very warm and at the time of application it did not generate the right interest.

The new logo not only gives a fresher look and feel, but also brings a new look to the whole new FairCoin image, thus providing many more possibilities to develop the future of FairCoin’s branding.

Soon we will launch a new wallet and a new website with its own blog and new features, stay tuned.

Learn more about the future of money at FairCoin by Kaana.