Kaana Platform v1.2: New Landing, Multiple images, Kaana Files easier than ever

Kaana Files

Kaana Files, the new “cloud” service now it is easier to use, just touch the upload button, select the files and it will be uploaded automatically.

Speed improvements

Now Kaana Platform loads x2 times faster thanks to the improvements we have made in the algorithms and in the database.

  • Reactions are now a little bit faster.
  • Replying is now easier than ever, we have integrated a text box so you can easily reply to a post, just type and tap the send button, easy!

Contributors platform

New contributors platform on Kaana CrowdSource, help translating, relating topics, teaching Kaana and earn karma.

New landing page

The Kaana platform now has a new landing page, which is simple but aims to facilitate the platform’s visibility to new users: https://about.kaana.io/platform.

Multiple image uploads in publications

Now you can upload multiple photos in your publications, select multiple images you like, choose them in the order you want them to be displayed and click on the add button, it’s that easy, then publish your post and it will be ready.