A new way of expressing oneself, freeing oneself without censorship in the presence of an uncertain future.


As the years go by,  human beings have evolved a lot.  There are wars, military, economic, social, viruses that tend to change people’s lives from one day to the next. The positive side of this is that when a person is left with nothing, they will be more supportive and help others who need it.

In Kaana, we aim to connect people and make their lives filled with positive vibes. We see how social networks are used as propagating politics, advertisements, fake news. Many social media sites sell user data. We are trying to provide an alternative keeping user security in mind.

Users use it to using it to play games, news, entertainment, chat. Yet, we have seen how many people make local groups to give away objects that are not going to be used anymore, organize social campaigns to help people who are forced to leave their homes, use a search engine to ask when they don’t know something.

People need an online platform, but the user has to feel safe, free, and be the owner, not the product, as many platforms sell the data of its users.

We want to start pushing through a Karma system for users who do good or wrong actions will have positive or negative rewards. Facilitate access to features or even use the own currency of the platform that they can buy or get in exchange for time or contributions within the platform.

The functioning of this ecosystem is fundamental and straightforward. A user who does right actions will gain positive Karma, bad negative Karma. Depending on the Karma they have, they can do more or fewer things, and if the user is malicious will go to the dark side of Kaana with other users who do harmful things. Because even people who do negative things can also be positive and bring many good things into the community.

We hope to update more news about the Karma system, its progress, and its operation soon.

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