The Healthy Side of Social Media


Let’s face it. Social media has a bad name. Consider some of the usual suspects – the spreading of fake news, employees spending too much time browsing, and insidious personal data use. These negative notions bombard us so much that we fail to realize the beautiful and positive side of social media.

Sensational news doesn’t tell you the full story. News agencies cherry-pick the most controversial articles because they want your attention, stat! The truth is, most people would rather hear about an employee engaging in dirty dealings than receiving a promotion. Every day matters just do not get published.

It’s not sadistic per se. People simply enjoy reading about things that break the cycle of monotony. Bad news also keeps you well-guarded and provides a greater appreciation for your life and those around you. (the morbid reminder that it could have happened to me!)

So, about social media. Sure, there are instances of identity theft, scams, and cyberbullying, but they’re not as common as the net total of good that comes out from it. So, here is some of the cool and inspirational stuff that we’ve seen on social media:

Parenting Groups

Parenting is a herculean feat, no matter how many times you’ve done it. Fulfilling your children’s needs while staying motivated and alive is one of the toughest challenges in life. Online parent communities serve as beacons of hope and education for individuals at their wits’ end.
It is touching to see how far some parental communities go, offering one-to-one video advice, sharing family-owned child-friendly recipes, and donating infantcare products.

Maintaining Close Ties

Maybe you’ve got a best friend who studies in another country or a beloved aunt who married a foreigner and moved into his private island. While phone calls are lovely, social media provides a highly interactive channel for you to keep distant relationships alive. A well-stocked SM platform like Kaana offers in-app functionalities and capabilities with an online space function where your contacts can head online and chill with you.

Sell Useful Stuff

You might be thinking, gee whiz, how is e-commerce for the greater good of humankind? Well, considering how the new normal makes it increasingly difficult to enjoy retail therapy outdoors, the sellers on social media can be real life-savers to get what you need. What’s more? You’ll experience a personalized shopping experience absent in soulless commercial outlets. As actress Bo Derek once said, “whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”
We at Kaana do what we do because we’re driven by the good of social media. We want to inspire communities around the world to stay positive despite their immediate realities. If you want a scoop, here’s one for you – Kaana will redefine the landscape of social media and we’re coming your way real soon!

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