Enric Duran Giralt

Kaana Grow: New Head of Legal & Monetization Strategy


As Kaana continues to grow, so does our world-class executive team! We’re excited to announce that FairCoin’s Enric Duran has joined Kaana Team as Head of Legal & Monetization Strategy.

In he’s new role, Enric will lead efforts to scale Kaana’s Legal & Monetization program as the company continues its rapid growth, while ensuring that we always take excellent care of our users and the data that they entrust us with.

This means that we can focus on improving our services without having to put ads or sell data about our users as other companies do such as Facebook and Google.

Our philosophy is to always take care of the user and therefore not to use their data for economic purposes.

In Kaana we bet on subscription plans for business services such as viewing statistics or organizing shows with paid audiences.

Enric has over 15 years of experience building and scaling projects. He spent the last 7 years at FairCoin, where he most recently led a team.

We’re excited to have Enric Duran in our team. Welcome Enric!

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