Everyone is welcome in our community

It's our responsibility to foster a safe and supportive community for everyone.

Together, we fight against bullying.
We're committed to protecting our community.

Building Safe Communities

Our safety tools give you control over things like who can see or comment on your content, and help you filter out negative words.

Creating Connection

We support our community by educating people on ways to have a safe and positive experience on Kaana.

The values that drive
everything we do


The freedom of oneself to act in accordance with one's own will, freedom of the press or freedom of expression are fundamental values for society and the individual.


Respect is fundamental and refers not only to what one says, but also to what one does. Respecting people is fundamental in all aspects.


Commitments and responsibilities are assumed throughout a person's life. In a conscious and committed way. For example, adopting an animal and taking care of it throughout its life or accepting the responsibilities of an important job.


Honesty with oneself and with what surrounds us helps us to be coherent in life. It is the way to be in agreement about what one feels and how one relates to the world in general. Sincerity is an important ethical value because it brings coherence to relationships with people, respect and above all courage.

From people around the world!

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Collectives we are friends

World Vision is a great partner... but we have a lot to do and we are going to do it together!