• Participation
  • Mutual respect
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Justice
  • Legality
  • Competence and responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Transparency


  • Anyone should be welcome to participate in Kaana, at least to be given a chance, wherever they are from. We all deserve a chance.
  • No more Google it, help the one next to you.
  • Fear is something we should never have. If someone from the movement has fear, it is our responsibility to help them lose it and replace it with commitment.
  • Who will be able to participate and decide on the project?
  • Positive people, who bring something to the project. Nothing of what you would like to do (Just do it!). People talk a lot and then do little, if you propose something in the group please do it. It is very easy to propose things and have others do them. You say it, you do it, that’s the philosophy!
  • Who does not cause trouble to anyone and who can speak in a respectful way.
  • Opt-out. Every participant is free to leave the Kaana or Faircoin community any time, without need to communicate it in advance. Holders of faircoins who opt out will be guaranteed the return of their investment until __DATE__, at the exchange rate of __PRICE__ €/⊜, until a maximum amount of __MAX-EUR__ €. Alternatively they can be payed in __CURRENCY-ALT__. After __DATE__, exchange to fiat currency will not be guaranteed by Kaana.


  • Respect each other. Don’t treat people as you don’t want to be treated. It’s mandatory to respect everyone you interact with.
  • Be kind, polite and understanding. You must respect others’ personal space, opinions, and privacy.

Integrity and honesty

  • Tell the truth and avoid any wrongdoing to the best of your ability.
  • Always keep in mind first our organization’s mission. We all work together to achieve specific outcomes. Your behavior should contribute to our goals, whether financial or organizational.
  • Be honest and transparent when you act in ways that impact other people (e.g. taking strategic decisions or deciding on layoffs).


  • Make sure you’re objective and fair and don’t disadvantage others.

Competence and accountability

  • Work hard and be responsible for your work.


  • Collaborate and ask for help.
  • Working well with others is a virtue, rather than an obligation.

Telegram Groups

  • Don’t disturb, use a secondary/trash group for chatter, or you will be kicked out.
  • Avoid personal mentions to other group members whenever possible.
  • It is necessary to have a set of pre-established, objective conditions of admittance, in order to prevent users from being banned by some admin’s arbitrary decision.
  • Maybe by voting, by pre-established rules, by an automated bot, it depends on what we choose.
  • Each group has its own language, unless it is out of necessity not to use the groups in languages other than those in which they were designed.
  • Groups ideally have 2 moderators. At least half of the mods should be women. Mod status is rotatory. Any group member may propose rotation of mods at any time.
  • Each group’s type, purpose, and participation rules should be clearly stated in the group’s description, or pinned to the top of the feed.


  • Who will have rights to manage the money
  • I was thinking about a system of “Shared Keys”, which are necessary to make any money transfer, which at the same time these keys are granted by the users through a voting system.
  • Transparency directory where to upload files with expenses
  • Documents Portal
  • Publish all types of documents such as Invoices, Contracts, Project documentation, etc.
  • Replace assemblies with spaces for debate and voting.
  • Everyone has to go with clear ideas of what one decides, not go to debate because there are many people who want to decide on something but do not go because they are exhausted from listening to so many bad people.
  • It will still have to take shape. But in principle throughout the week people will be able to debate with the same integrated and transparent chat. and once a week things will be decided through a “Vote” system.
  • All debates will be saved and public. and if it is finally decided that so many FairCoins are sent to pay an expense of food for an event (Example), once the voting is done the same system will send the amount that came out at the time of voting.
  • It will be automated so they will not be able to blame someone for mismanagement as everyone will have decided by debate and voting.
  • It is very different to take all the issues at once and have everyone talk about it in an assembly that can last for hours than if you already go with clear ideas so you just have to vote. Also securely because a key will be required.
  • Common funds
  • Common funds should always be visible to the public, the amount of money (whether in FairCoin, Euros, Dollars, etc.) and also how many % of it goes where.