October 6, 2020

Let’s Build a Community

The whole concept of being a firestarter of a movement, a belief, and an idea, used to be a figure…

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Kaana Around the World

We believe in a people-first policy. What that means is that we go to the ground to understand the needs…

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Social Networking without the Smokescreen

We’re all connected. The idea was once philosophical - humans connected to the Earth in spirit. But it’s no longer…

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Kaana has launched in Japan and China.

The high demand of users makes us happy, and therefore we invest in improving more and more and increasing our…

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Young people defending human rights

The Growing Trend of Cutting Back the Rights of Social Media

It's happening more and more. Big companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple are implementing significant privacy policy changes to help…

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How we intend to improve the social economy and help the most vulnerable people.

Within the platform, there is a common fund that will go to the most vulnerable people, from help for food,…

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Your Reliable Social Media Platform

Social media is life. Whether you’re managing an e-business, enhancing your online presence, or merely sharing content — social media…

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