February 5, 2022
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Let’s Build a Community

The whole concept of being a firestarter of a movement, a belief, and an idea, used to be a figure of speech. Think about it for a second: how many average citizen...

The whole concept of being a firestarter of a movement, a belief, and an idea, used to be a figure of speech. Think about it for a second: how many average citizens have the opportunity to do extraordinary things within society?

Then the birth of the internet changed everything – specifically, social media. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an uptown kid or a farmer living in a remote corner of the Earth – you have the power to build a following and community with internet connectivity.

With social media, anyone can start a group, spread a message across continents, and yes, create viral content. You don’t need to be a politician, celebrity, or business mogul to achieve fantastic things with social media. All you need is an idea, the right approach, and voila, magic. It has become easy for someone to ascend to stardom and become a hero or role model with social media.  

Recognize your People

We know that birds of a feather party together – and the more, the merrier. Identify your strengths, passion, and interests. Are you a writer interested in book reviews? Or a fishing enthusiast who wants to dispense some golden tips on catching Chinook Salmon? Perhaps you’re an aspiring singer who wishes to share your talent with a virtual community?

Whatever it may be, you know best, and you’ll want to connect with people who fuel the flame within you. So, find your group, leave an impact, and get inspired by like-minded members. You may have little say in how your colleagues or family members are, but you have complete control of your company in the virtual world. Choose wisely and build a following that brings value and happiness to your life.

Stay Active

Inactive social media accounts are like abandoned buildings; few people (except daring and nosy investigators) care for them. If you’re interested in building an online community, you’ll need to get regularly involved to stay relevant – just like real life. Someone who leaves a post or three-word status update every two months isn’t likely to make an impact.

Social media makes it easier for you to create communities on the go, but this doesn’t mean that we can be lazy about it. Once you’ve established a social media group, remember to share engaging content that sparks conversations, stimulate minds, or show that you still care.

Pay Attention to Trends

Every conversation is a two-way street – we can’t stress this enough. You might have a thousand things to say, but people need to be interested, or you will gain zero traction. Imagine someone speaking in ancient Latin in the streets – sure, you might be sharing the secrets to immortality- but no one understands a dead lingo. What’s the best way to ensure that you click with your target community? Learn what people are talking about, chat with members, and discover exciting insights from everyone who shares your interest.

Be careful not to confuse trend-watching with sneaky data trading. We believe that if you’re interested in finding out something, just ask the questions directly without hiding behind insidious intentions (like pretentious surveys). Learn, teach, and spread goodness, and your community will grow in no time. At Kaana, you, the user, come first. Always. Join our free integrated social media platform to start building your dream community without any “buts, “ifs,” or “maybes.”

Your peeps are right here waiting for you!

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