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The first free integrated Social Platform.

Kaana. A new way of expressing oneself, freeing oneself without censorship in the presence of an uncertain future.

Open Kaana

Own your own data

Many networks use your data to make money by analysing your interactions and using this information to advertise things to you. Kaana doesn’t use your data for any purpose other than allowing you to connect and share with others.

Open Source

We believe in the values of the open-source movement. The Kaana code is published and openly available. It doesn’t store user data.

Say hi to Spaces

A space can literally be anything, a project, a group or just a simple topic. For every space you can invite multiple users.

Express yourself and react

Each person’s News Feed is personalized based on their interests and the sharing activity of their friends.

More Features

Youl’ll never miss a minute, ever.

The platform helps you connect with friends, family and communities of people who share your interests.

Connecting with your friends and family as well as discovering new ones is more easy than ever.

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“Kaana is a dream come true.”

Easy on the eyes, and the wallet.

Kaana’s new Dark theme uses true black to keep your battery alive longer. Change how your Kaana apps look, like Calendar and Photos.

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“Every day better and more new features.”

A great feature you'll love to use

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“We are working at almost twice the capacity”

Save it as a draft or schedule it to send at a specific time.

Now you can post at your own pace.

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“Kaana increases productivity.”
“You are the owner, not the product”

One platform, many applications.

Kaana makes use of its applications and joins them all inside the platform.
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