A small team with grand ambition

We are a small team united by a common passion, to make a better world. Most of us come from long adventures and experiences that have made us think in such a way that we want to do our bit, and we are all very passionate about solving real problems of users in this space.

Meet the crew

A small but mighty team

As a team, we also love electric cars and dogs, but otherwise we have a very diverse set of passions outside of work.
Julia Pichler
Pablo Prieto
Backend developer
Destiny Azuka
Video editor
Bek Brace
Laurenzo Overee
Technical writer
Albert Isern Alvarez
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder
Harsha N G
Data analyst & Growth Marketer
Jordi Cercós Blasco
Jordi Cercós Blasco
Developer & Social Media
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