A small team with a big ambition

A small but mighty team

We are a small team united by a common passion, to make a better world. Most of us come from long adventures and experiences that have made us think in such a way that we want to do our bit, and we are all very passionate about solving real problems of users in this space. As a team, we also love electric cars and dogs, but otherwise we have a very diverse set of passions outside of work.
Amrit Sandhu
Java Developer
Enric Duran
Legal & Monetization Strategy
Julia Pichler
Pablo Prieto
Backend developer
Destiny Azuka
Video editor
Bek Brace
Laurenzo Overee
Technical writer
Albert Isern Alvarez
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder
Harsha N G
Product analyst & Growth Marketer
Jordi Cercós Blasco
Jordi Cercós Blasco
Developer & Social Media
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